Conditions of participation for partner companies (AT)

Conditions of participation for partner companies in Austria

  1. I agree to provide suitable pitches for the number (maximum 3) of motorhomes / caravans / (tent if infrastructure available) specified in the registration form, each for a maximum period of 24 hours, free of charge for Schau aufs Land guests on my property.
  2. I will check my guests' membership of Schau aufs Land to ensure that only travellers with a current membership stop with me. To do this, I ask my guests to show their membership card and a photo ID.
  3. Participation in Schau aufs Land is free of charge for me 100 %.
  4. I am not obliged to offer additional services (such as toilets, electricity, fresh water, waste disposal etc.). However, I can make these services available to my guests in return for a recognition fee in the form of reimbursement of costs.
  5. The concept is based on appreciation. Travellers are encouraged to show their appreciation by making a purchase or a voluntary donation. However, there is no obligation for the guest to purchase the products I offer or to make use of the additional services.
  6. The participation of my business in Schau aufs Land and my personal data will be published on the website, on Facebook and Instagram, in an app (and in the future in a possible print edition). I agree that the images I provide will be published on the aforementioned channels. I can find more details on the protection of my personal data in the privacy policy, which can be found at the end of the registration process via a link and at
  7. I can terminate my participation at any time in writing by e-mail. The entry will be deleted from the network in the following days.
  8. I agree that during my entry on the digital platform of Schau aufs Land I will not participate with any similar provider of a digital pitch guide in the form of an online platform or app. Only through this security can the Schau aufs Land platform be continuously developed and the best possible service be offered to businesses.
  9. I acknowledge that Schau aufs Land is not responsible for the general behaviour of travellers or which persons visit my farm. Schau aufs Land is not liable for the behaviour of the travellers on my farm, but sets rules of conduct for the travellers, which they must observe. Schau aufs Land is not liable for damages or other claims arising from the relationship between host and guest. Schau aufs Land also accepts no liability for any agreements between me and the travellers/guests.
  10. The activity of Schau aufs Land is limited exclusively to the publication of the data provided by the business and the marketing of the businesses on the website, on Facebook / Instagram, an app and in a possible later print edition.
  11. As each federal state and the municipalities have standardised their own legal requirements regarding the admissibility of camping (with mobile homes / caravans / tents), I, as a participating company, will inform myself about these regulations independently. Basic information on the legal framework conditions can be found in the general Schau aufs Land guide, which I will receive by e-mail after successful registration. Schau aufs Land cannot assume any liability for non-compliance with the legal provisions by the participating company.
  12. Schau aufs Land reserves the right to adapt or change these conditions of participation. In this case, I will be informed by e-mail.
  13. Schau aufs Land undertakes to process or publish the data provided in accordance with the provisions of the DSG (Data Protection Act). More detailed information on data protection can be found here.

Download the conditions of participation as PDF

Status: 5 February 2024

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